Stickley Contract


When the US Joint Chiefs of Staff requests a conference table for their Pentagon offices from us, we can’t help but feel like we’re doing something right. Requiring a commanding presence within elegant interiors, we have created furniture for various governments from the US Navy to state governor’s offices.


  • Kuwait Embassy
    Washington, DC
  • Russian Consulate
    New York, New York
  • Japanese Consulate
    Washington, DC


  • US Joint Chiefs of Staff Office at the Pentagon
    Washington, DC
  • US Department of the Navy
    Washington, DC

Federal & State Governments

  • New York State Governor’s Office
    Albany, New York
  • Alaska Governor’s Mansion
    Juneau, Alaska
  • Veteran’s Home
    Syracuse, New York
  • Blair House (Official Guest House of the President)
    Washington, DC
  • Saudi Arabia’s Royal Family
    Multiple Villas
Joint Chiefs of Staff
Department of the Navy
Blair House