Creating contract and heirloom-quality furnishings since 1900, our craftsmen combine classic woodworking techniques with the latest industry-leading technological advancements in furniture manufacturing. Our wholly owned factories in New York, North Carolina, and Vietnam offer complementary production capabilities that maximize efficiency and value in every piece of furniture we build. For a single chair or a several-thousand-room casegoods project, partnering with Stickley Contract will produce quality results.

Construction Features

Honesty and integrity of construction are essential tenets of Stickley furniture. The tried-and-tested traditional joinery that makes each piece strong and long-lasting is also a visible element that adds to its intrinsic beauty. Examples of our proven Arts and Crafts–inspired techniques include mortise-and-tenon joinery, quadralinear posts, side-hung and centered-guided drawers, book-matching, and dovetailing.

In-line Product

With more than 120 years in continuous operation, Stickley offers a wide range of casegoods and fine upholstery, in styles that include Traditional, Arts and Crafts, Modern, Classic, and Contemporary. Our products are pre-engineered and ready to meet your project needs at scale. Thanks to advanced manufacturing technology and first-rate logistical planning, you can trust our capability to deliver.

Custom Product

Whether you have a rough sketch or detailed plans, we’ll take your idea from concept to reality. Stickley Contract’s experienced team will provide design consultation or collaborate with your designer to realize your vision. We can produce free-standing pieces or built-in units at our three global facilities and manage installation with U. S.–based logistics support.



Having three wholly owned manufacturing facilities allows Stickley Contract to maintain control over every aspect of production and gives us the flexibility to navigate all manner of logistics and scheduling challenges. Our flagship manufacturing facility and company headquarters is located just outside Syracuse in Manlius, New York. We operate an upholstery manufacturing facility in Archdale, North Carolina, and over 20 years ago we opened our own casegoods factory in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. All three factories are built around centralized engineering, procurement, and project management teams operating at our New York facility. The synergies in communication, production, and quality are unmatched.

With continued investments in the latest tooling and equipment for each of our factories, clients can rest assured that their furniture features a premium Stickley fit and finish. Yet even as we continually modernize our manufacturing processes, we never lose sight of the artistry and skillsets needed to produce furniture of Stickley quality. Our woodworking artisans still hand-fit every drawer using techniques we have developed and honed since our company’s beginnings. It is also not uncommon to see some of our tried-and-true, proprietary antique milling machines still being used today next to the latest high-tech routers.

Stickley is a proud member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. Since 1900, the Stickley philosophy has been “living in harmony with nature.” Our focus on durability, quality, efficiency, and long-term results permeates our management and manufacturing process, from sourcing the highest grade of sustainably harvested hardwoods for our furniture to compliance with strict federal, state, and local environmental regulations.